Some Interesting Slide Presentations and Videos


Oshkosh 2009                        Excellent Video set to Music (Full Screen Version)

Oshkosh 2010                        Excellent Video set to Music (Full Screen Version)

AirCam                                   Excellent Video Advertisement for AirCam Ultralights

Franklin Airshow                    Can You really Fly This Bad

Besler Steam Plane                 Make sure the speakers are on

United Flight 1549                  3D Reconstruction of the flight

5th Generation Fighters          Video about F-22 and F-35

DAS for the F-35 JSF              Video about sensors on F-35


Edwards AFB 2009                 Photo Essay by Bernard Zee

Zhukovsky Airshow 2007       Photo Essay by The Russian 2007 Air Show
Planes and Cockpits                Click on a Plane and see it's Cockpit