Sunday, 17. July 2011 - 18:33 Uhr

Meeting other pilots in the Philippines

Yesterday we went to a private grass airstrip to fly our R/C planes. This was my 2nd time being there, but what made this trip extra special was meeting Rolf Dunder.


Rolf is a German glider pilot and has a hangar at the airstrip. Rolf took me on a tour of the hangar to see his planes. He has 2 gliders, a single seater and a 2 seater. He also has an ultra light called Fascination. Other equipment seen were a power winch for launching the gliders and a trailer to carry the glider back home after a cross country trip. All of his planes were imported. We had long talks and topped the day off with an excellent dinner at a seafood restuarant near Tarlac.

Rolf has a website called Gliders Philippines