I started with jets while staying in Thailand. One of the guys in the local RC club was building these nice F-117s and another guy designed the Blue Delta Wing Jet, it's not a scale model, but it sure did fly nice.



I was chatting with my friend Tru Cheek from Sylmar, California and he showed me his F-22 that they fly combat with. they slap them together using the blue fanfold, no decorations, just build them, fly them, crash them and build another.


I searched on the Internet and found some jet models designed by Tomas Hellberg. I download his plans rescaled them for the 22" wing span, and hand cut the 1st prototypes. What nice designs these are. Kudos to Tomas.


In studying his designs I learned how to design and build strong models without cost of carbon fiber or extra weight.


Below are some of the 1st models, hand cut.


Now I am laser cutting these and some other designs. The planes are available from RC Shack (Pirty)


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