Making Runway Marker Lights

An inexpensive and effective way to create Runway and Taxiway lighting is outlined in the following text. Keep in mind that the desired effect is a subdued marker that you can see while your flying, but one that will not distract you or cause a glare.

Step 1 - Infants, they are all over the place, everyplace you look you see infants. And where there are infants, you can find a ready supply of baby food jars, especially the Gerber ones. They are free, all you have to do is ask and you can collect 50 - 100 jars very quickly. Clean them, remove the labels and throw away the tops.

Step 2 - go to your local discount store and buy the little tea candles that are used for keeping things hot at the table. Use should be able to find them for less than 10 cents per candle. Buy twice as many as you need.....spares!!

Step 3 - place candle inside of baby food jar and lite the candle. Congratulations, you have just completed your 1st runway White Marker. Now blow out the candle, save it for the main event!

Step 4 - Creating the Blue Taxiway, and Red Boundry markers is just as easy. Take some of that transparent monocote that you save in that box or remnants. Cut pieces to size so that they wrap around the jar with approximately 1/4" overlap. Remove the protective backing and wrap the jar with adhesive side to the glass. Fasten it with a small piece of scotch tape. You do not have to iron it, the heat from the candle will gently create a good bond after time.

Step 5 - Place the runway markers on each side of the runway about 20 feet apart. Place the Red Markers at the 4 corners of the runway. The Blue markers are used to mark your taxiways and pit area.

Step 6 - Have fun!