About me

I am 63 years old, married, and living with my wife in the Thailand. I am a trained aircraft mechanic, pilot, and aviation enthusiast. My hobby is RC model aircraft. I like to listen to Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock.  This Photo is from 10+ years ago, but it is how many people remember me.


Life in Thailand is pretty slow. Much time for reflection on the past. Having re-established contact with Mike Esposito has me  thinking about the 70's.  I graduated high school in 67, and immediately went to work for New York Tel. Co. I served in the US Army from 68-70, serving 1 tour in Vietnam.  I went to work for Dictaphone Corp in Rye New York, and late transferred to San Francisco. At that time I lived in Oakland and I met Barbara McNabb who later became my 1st wife. We moved back near her home in Kearney, NJ and I went to work for Leeds Fox who was the sole importer at that time of Panasonic.


I was a line technician doing waranttee repairs on audio equipment. At that time, Panasonic had a really cool cassette recorder that had a 4 ch head. I managed to buy 2 of these units and made a 4 ch cassette recorder from them.


That's where it all started, I was hooked on audio recording. I recorded several local bands live using this unit. Shortly later, I bought a TEAC 3340 4 ch 15" reel to reel. I was in hog heaven......


Later I worked at Tru Photo, a film processing plant with the late Mike Zocchi. Mike taught me a lot about the business.


I moved back to CA, Berkley area and was introduced to Phase Linear Power Amps, they had a 400 and 700 watt unit. Over a period of time, I owned 4 of the 400 watt units.


I moved back to NJ after awhile and met the guys in Easy Wind Band. Mike Esposito was the bassist and lead vocalist.


I'm not clear on the chain of events, but I did wind up as their soundman for a while and lived in the 200+ year old farm house with the guys. We put together a small recording studio in the barn and played gigs probably 6 nights a week.


Many days, Mike would be on the 2nd floor balcony playing his blues. One day I ran a cable from the balcony to my bedroom and started recording his blues.


At one of the gigs, a guy showed up with a saxafone and played with the guys. Later we listened to the playback of the nights recording. The sax player, Dave Mascitelli (sp?)

had a recording studio on a farm. Dave rented a chicken coup and converted it into his home, work shop and recording studio. It was a large coup.


We recorded many tunes at Daves facility. I think that these are the recordings that are being mastered now and will soon be released on CD.


Another night, a guy stumbled into the ESP Lounge with a guitar case and slid into the 1st booth stage left. He appeared to be very drunk. After awhile, he stumbled onto the stage and grabbed a mic and started to sing. I immediately shut down his mic, but Tommy, the dummer, was signaling to me to turn it back up, so I did. The guy was great, can't remember his name to save my life.


Later he joined the band along with his Asian girlfriend. Their performance became very commercial, custumes and acts, etc. I became discontent and shortly after I left the band.


I moved to Oxnard, NJ and rented a home. Went to work at Crowley's Hardware and met Susan, another emplyee. Eventually, Susan and I had a son, Justin, but we never married. Later we moved to Croyden, PA just outside of Philly.


I was working at a Colorcraft Photo Finishing Lab as a technician. Later I worked at Parking Products Inc also as a technician. While at PPI, I went on a service call to Chicago and met Kathy there. Kathy would later be my 2nd wife. In Chicago I went to work for Guardian Photo as the Assistant QC supervisor.


Things didn't work out there so I transfered to Glendale, CA to another Guardian facility as QC Supervisor. Kathy decided to return to Chicago and later I met Marlene, soon to be 3rd wife.


Marlene was from Lima Peru, didn't speak much English and couldn't cook to save her life. But she was a looker. We married, had 2 children, Marty Jr and Jacqueline. Both turned out wonderful.


During the following 27 years, I worked as a consultant, Petri Associates, I worked at Weldlogic Inc, as vice president of engineering and ITS as a jack of many trades.


In 2006 I moved to Thailand and met Kalika, my 4th wife. in 2009 I moved to the Philippines. After 2.5 years, I moved back to Thailand, where eventually I met Sureerat (Noi). We married on 12 Nov 2012. Several weeks later, I was diagnosed with liver cancer which is currently being treated, possibly a 2nd liver transplant will be required.

After many hospital visits and countless blood tests, it was decided that I did not have cancer after all, just stones in my bile duct. What a relief!


So I am still alive.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.